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Dr Hugh Cartwright

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory,
Oxford University, England OX1 3QZ

Dr Hugh Cartwright


    Key Words

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Genetic Algorithm
    • Neural Network
    • Self-ordering Map
    • Physical Chemistry Experiments
    • Proteomics

Contact information


The Chemistry Show is back...

The Cool and Crazy Chemistry Show was in the University Museum on the morning of December 11th;
this was one of the three Oxford University Christmas Lectures for 2008.

If you would like to be alerted when a date is fixed for the next show, email Hugh.Cartwright@chem.ox.ac.uk

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Research details

Research is concentrated on the application of Artificial Intelligence to the solution of scientific problems. For example, we have recently been using Genetic Algorithms in drug design and in Proteomics, Neural Networks in pollutant detection, Self-ordering maps in spectral and structural analysis (Figure, top right), Cellular Automata in the study of bacterial growth (Figure, right) and a variety of other methods. [more]

Selected publications

Selected recent books and papers [more]


Safety information from the PTCL web server. Includes chemical safety (MSDS sheets), exposure limits, glove materials for handling dangerous chemicals, risk and safety phrases, and a wide variety of other material. [more]


Conceptual Learning of Science - an International group of Universities in various countries working on projects which use computers to enhance scientific understanding. For further details see the colos.org website.

PTCL practical course

The practical course in Physical Chemistry at Oxford - details of experiments, timetable, examination requirements, etc. [more]

College teaching

Chemistry teaching and Open Days at Oriel and St Anne's, two of the 28 Colleges which accept chemistry students at Oxford. [more]

The Chemical Educator

The Chemical Educator publishes papers and reviews in all areas related to the teaching of chemistry. [more]

Other links

Links to web sites on Oxford University, the Chemistry Department, the Oxford Colleges, and Oxford itself. [more]

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