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  Rotational Raman Spectroscopy
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The Raman Effect
Experimental Techniques
1. Rotational Raman Spectroscopy
Interpreting the Spectrum
Effect of Bond Length
Centrifugal Distortion
Intensities of Spectral Lines
Nuclear Spin Statistics
2. Real Diatomic Molecules
Spectrum of Nitrogen
Isotopic Substitution
Nuclear Spin Statistics
Predict the Spectrum of Oxygen
  This experiment is based around interaction with a computer simulation of a Raman spectrum. The model is embedded into the web pages that contain the practical.

Spectroscopy is the study of the exchange of energy between radiation and matter. Light of a known frequency irradiates a sample. Molecules in the sample emit or absorb distinct packets of energy. The frequency and intensity of light hitting a detector is converted by a spectrometer into a spectrum.

In the lab often it is not energy that is measured directly but frequency of the electromagnetic radiation. It is simple to convert frequency into energy units using the equation:

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