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  Rotational Raman Spectroscopy
Isotopic Substitution page 1 of 2
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The Raman Effect
Experimental Techniques
1. Rotational Raman Spectroscopy
Interpreting the Spectrum
Effect of Bond Length
Centrifugal Distortion
Intensities of Spectral Lines
Nuclear Spin Statistics
2. Real Diatomic Molecules
Spectrum of Nitrogen
Isotopic Substitution
Nuclear Spin Statistics
Predict the Spectrum of Oxygen
  In this next experiment you will investigate the influence of isotopic substitution on the rotational Raman spectrum.

Launch Applet 5.

Q7.1 Deuterium is twice a massive as hydrogen. How would you expect this to affect the spectra?
Q7.2 Use the applet to calculate the bond length of molecular hydrogen.
Q7.3 Assuming that the H-H and D-D bond lengths are equal, derive a relationship between the positions of corresponding lines in the spectra of hydrogen and deuterium.
Q7.4 Use the applet to test the validity of this assumption. Try and give explanation for this finding.
Q7.5 Calculate the bond length for deuterium.

_H has I = so has identical nuclear spin statistics to the hypothetical molecule .
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