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  Rotational Raman Spectroscopy
Nuclear Spin Statistics page 1 of 1
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The Raman Effect
Experimental Techniques
1. Rotational Raman Spectroscopy
Interpreting the Spectrum
Effect of Bond Length
Centrifugal Distortion
Intensities of Spectral Lines
Nuclear Spin Statistics
2. Real Diatomic Molecules
Spectrum of Nitrogen
Isotopic Substitution
Nuclear Spin Statistics
Predict the Spectrum of Oxygen
  Further investigation of the interaction of the nuclei can be use to identify the molecule from the spectrum.

Launch Applet 6. The applet shows the spectrum of a diatomic .

Q8.1 Is a Boson or a Fermion? Justify your answer.
Q8.2 Calculate the degeneracy and Boltzman factor of the first 7 rotational levels
Q8.3 By dividing the intensity of the first 4 Anti-Stokes transitions by the degeneracy and the Boltzman factor for that transition work out the nuclei spin statistical weight for .
Q8.4 Given that the Y-Y bond length is 198.75pm calculate the mass of the nucleus and hence the identity of atom Y.
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